" The Sunrise Water Cure "

How I discovered Nature's
Healing Power !

Water Cure

The Sun + Water = Life !

Water Cure

"I was bedridden, bone thin, and dying."

“Karie, I think you should read this,” said a friend who came to check on me when I was bedridden and facing death.

Thirty years ago I was so skinny and so sick that I could not speak. My friend gave me a book called The Power of Chi. It was about "water therapy" as we called it back then. In the 1979 publication (now out-of-print) author Jeff Pike, an Australian businessman, revealed how he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Doctors gave him a few weeks to live and urged him to put his affairs in order. This man's awesome healing story was a turning point for me and is etched in my memory forever.

The Secret of a Healthy Life!

Mr. Pike flew to Tokyo to wrap up a business deal and was invited to stay with a Japanese businessman, who Pike assumed was his age: about 50. The next morning when he peered from the guest house, he saw his friend standing in his garden, facing the morning sun, drinking from a glass urn.

When Mr. Pike approached his Asian host and asked what he was drinking, he replied: "This is our age old healing technique, handed down from our forefathers." He added: "If you practise this Water Cure every morning—in the first 30 minutes after waking—you will heal yourself. And if you keep doing it, you’ll never be sick again in your life!”

Mr. Pike was astonished to learn that his healthy Japanese friend who he thought was 50, was almost 80.

The Asian Water Cure

Flushing Away a Deadly Disease

The Australian businessman immediately took up the Asian Water Cure (also called the Japanese Water Cure). Jeff Pike mastered the art of drinking "an extraordinary volume of water" within 30 minutes and, please note: within three months he was totally free of cancer !!!

Jeff Pike became healthy and strong and went on to tell thousands of people how the ancient method of self-healing generates The Power of Chi (or life force) and flushes away disease.

Asian Symbol for Balance

Water Cure

Asia's Ancient Healing Secret

I too took up the Asian Water Cure. Believe me, I was motivated. I had tried everything else, so why not try this? It took me three days to learn how to drink the pre-measured volume of water within half an hour.

The Ancient Cure worked—with dramatic results! I was filled with an incredible energy! Instead of feeling exhausted, I felt vitally alive! I was transformed. I kept thinking: This is a miracle! The "power flush" was so rejuvenating, I practiced the ablution ritual every morning for a year.

I enjoyed exceptional health for twenty-two more years only to learn that my challenges were not over. When I was 56, the pains in my legs and my joints kept me awake all night. In order to sleep, I took pain killers, but I would soon awaken again with my legs throbbing in pain.

I laid wide awake and faced the facts. I have the same painful disease that ruined my mother’s health: Fibromyalgia.

The Sunrise Water Cure!

Sunrise Water Cure

The turning point: One morning at 4 a.m. while laying there with my legs aching, I woke right up! I remembered the "water therapy" that I had practiced a quarter century earlier. I got up from my bed, shuffled into the kitchen, turned on the tap and filled two big bottles with the pre-measured amount of water.

At 7 a.m. that morning I carried my two bottles of water outside, loosened their caps and left them in the sunshine all day. At sunset, I brought my bottles of (de-chlorinated) water back inside and left them in the kitchen so they would stay at room temperature.

My Fibromyalgia Treatment

The Power Flush: Next morning I carried my bottles of energized water into my backyard, set them on the picnic table, and greeted the sunrise.

As the first rays of the morning sun beamed down and sparkled through the water, I paused and prayed over my God-given Medicine. Then I began drinking fully and freely. Eureka! I remembered the self-healing technique that was handed down from ancient times. Once again, within minutes, and for the second time in my life I experienced the healing powers of Nature's Miracle Medicine!

For the next two weeks I joyously practiced The Sunrise Water Cure every morning at sunrise. Thanks to this ancient method of self-healing, once again I cured myself ! I was completely free of all the pains.

Today—six years later—I am still pain free!

This is how I suffered, and luckily discovered, and have come to share with you my personal brand of the Water Cure. You can heal yourself! Learn how in my simple yet comprehensive guide: The Sunrise Water Cure.

Water is the Source of Life

Water Cure

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