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* Breast Cancer - my Hawaiian friend cures herself !

* My work with medical doctors ...

* What conditions enable cancer to thrive? Read on and learn how two doctors cured their own "incurable cancers" including breast cancer.

When I was studying water medicine in Hawaii, two different medical doctors invited me to spend a few days with them so we could pool our knowledge of the Water Cure. Both of these MDs, one in Honolulu, the other on Kauai, prescribed the Water Cure to their patients with totally astounding results.

The Islands of Many Flowers

Water Cure

Over the next month we shared our experiences in a series of personal discussions and public talks. I teamed up with Dr. Simon, a family physician and hydration specialist from Oahu. Dr. Simon wrote the medically-based book on the Water Cure called, "Diseases of Unknown Origin - The Abandoned Theory".

Dr. Simon worked in numerous hospitals and clinics in Hawaii and had great success in prescribing the Water Cure to his asthmatic patients. He said, "The permanent cure usually happens within one to two weeks." Together Dr. Simon and I gave Water Cure Seminars at the Waimanalao Health Centre on Oahu's north shore.

I developed friendships with a number of locals including a Hawaiian woman who welcomed me like I was her brother.

The following is reprinted from the The Sunrise Water Cure:

Success Stories

A friend cures her stage three breast cancer.

"Manele Bay" - During my in-depth study of water medicine, I created a series of paintings that reflect the natural splendour of water.

Water Cure

I heard about the “miracle water” from a native Hawaiian friend. Lana’s cancer story is truly remarkable. I hope to interview Lana in my new film entitled The Healing Powers of Water. (In this highly personal account I changed the names of my friends to protect their privacy).

How I met Lana: The University of Hawaii invited me to show my film, The Silent Natives of Fuga at Hawaii’s Filipino Centennial Celebrations. It was December 2006, and it was great to be out of the ice and snow in Canada, and back in the gentle warmth of Hawaii!

At the end of the conference I decided to take in the International Craft Show in the Honolulu Convention Centre. There, between those long rows of artisans, in a booth that sold "exotic antioxidant fruit juice", I met a local Hawaiian woman, and within minutes the two of us were friends.

Over the next few days, during our discussions, Lana became interested in my family’s organic and natural pain relief products which are shipped around the world under the new label Rocky Mountain Botanicals

I returned to Canada and for a few weeks Lana and I stayed in touch by email. Then her emails stopped. Some months later I received the news. This beautiful mother of three boys had stage three breast cancer. Her prognosis was grim. The tumour in Lana’s right breast was the size of a tennis ball! When her doctors learned that Lana had cancer in her family, they urged her to undergo the surgical removal of both breasts.

" Cancer surgery? Give me time to think ! "

Lana needed a day to think things over and phoned a friend she hadn’t seen in months. She told Robert about her life-threatening cancer. His immediate reaction was: “Lana! This is amazing. You can cure yourself. Today, I bought an alkalizing machine. My ionized, alkaline, anti-oxidant water cures diabetes and other diseases, and it’ll cure your cancer!”

Lana bought a Japanese alkalizing machine that turns tap water into the ionized pH 9.5 alkaline water. She started drinking a gallon a day and noticed that she immediately had more energy. Then her urine turned green. (Some stage 3 and stage 4 cancer patients who alkalize say their urine turns brown and has a strong odor.)

After 10 days Lana’s tumor had shrunk. She increased her water intake to one and a half gallons per day and eliminated all acidic foods from her diet as described in the acclaimed book, The pH Miracle by Dr. Robert Young.

"The Bird of Paradise" (pastel drawing) - This chalk pastel is a gentle reminder of the soft and colourful spirit called 'Aloha'

Water Cure

In three weeks Lana’s tumour had shrivelled to the size of a golf ball. She continued drinking her water, and, seven weeks after the diagnosis, her oncologist broke the amazing news: The cancer was totally gone !

"An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure."

Do you know How to Avoid Cancer? For an in-depth look at multiple forms of cancer, including natural remedies and sage advice on how to prevent breast cancer, visit the comprehensive web site - Cancer Aware.

An MD Cures His Terminal Stomach Cancer

In the hydration literature that I studied in Hawaii, I found a remarkable story. A Japanese surgeon ran a busy schedule of cancer surgeries. During his long hours he continually drank coffee. Due to the stress and all the coffee he consumed, his body became very dehydrated and acidic. Cancer broke out, took over his stomach and spread through his lungs. He was full of cancer and was given only a few days to live.

At this point one of his favorite nurses came to his death bed. She begged him for several hours to try her alkaline water. He eventually said, “If your ionized water cures cancer, I’ll be out of a job.”

With nothing to lose the doctor drank a gallon of the ionized water everyday. On the third day he “vomited a thick black fluid” that emanated an odor. Next he expelled “a second black mass that filled a bucket”. He upped his water intake to one and a half gallons a day.

By the third week the doctor was cancer free! Today, he’s back at work doing his surgeries but he no longer drinks coffee. He drinks alkalized water and recommends it to his patients. I intend to interview this doctor for my documentary film on The Healing Powers of Water.

A Universal Symbol of Good Medicine

Water Cure

Dr Lorraine Day cures her Breast Cancer naturally - Another Success Story!

Another medical doctor cures her terminal cancer: While researching natural cures for breast cancer, I heard about Dr. Lorraine Day. The California Professor of Medicine had an aggressive cancer tumor growing inside her right breast. In three weeks it grew to the full size of a grapefruit! She was told, “You are going to die.”

Dr. Day was highly knowledgeable. She knew that nothing in conventional medicine could cure her breast cancer. Luckily, she heard about the Water Cure, she got on the program that was right for her, overhauled her lifestyle and her diet, and totally cured her breast cancer !

Diet and cancer growth: By researching natural cures for breast cancer, I learned this: Diets low in fruits, low in fiber, and low in vegetables but high in meats and fats, support cancer growth.

Carcinogens and toxins: In "Alkalize or Die", a feature article that I wrote for Issues Magazine, I emphasized another factor that contributes to cancer: "We are absorbing toxins and carcinogens much faster than our dehydrated and acidic bodies can eliminate."

In the past few years I have studied in depth the groundbreaking lifework of the great physician Dr. Batmanghelidj. The world-renowned medical doctor attests: "a major cause of all the cancers is chronic dehydration."

The Good News is . . . the cure is close at hand !

There are many types of bottled water, but some of them are not good for you.

Water Cure

How Does Drinking Water Eliminate Cancer?

  • Dehydration makes your body acidic, the very environment in which cancer cells thrive.

  • Dehydration triggers the release of vasopressin and other hormones. This causes a chain reaction that suppresses your immune system.

  • Drinking prescribed amounts of healthy energized water makes your body alkaline (cancer cells die in alkaline environments).

  • Complete hydration "powers up" your immune system so it has the power to eliminate cancer cells. - The Sunrise Water Cure

In Summary: There are several Water Cures that originate in different parts of the world. In the past 30 years I have experienced and validated all of them. With you the reader in mind, I have explained and summarized all the known Water Cures for you in my complete guide entitled: The Sunrise Water Cure

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