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Karie Garnier
Karie Garnier

How To Eliminate Toenail Fungus ...

In my search for natural cures for fungus, I found some amazing testimonies.

I also found evidence of the underlying cause of this incredibly stubborn disease.

Do you have toenail fungus or some other kind of fungus?

Have you tried ointments, drugs, or natural remedies but had no success? Let me tell you:

There is a natural cure. But first lets look a little deeper. Let’s look into the cause.

Did You Know ?

Secret #1: The secret is in your immune system !

I will share with you a simple, powerful, natural cure that quickly “boosts” your immune system. The time-honored healing method will help you eliminate, not only toenail fungus, but most other diseases as well.

Secret #2: Each of the 100 trillion cells in your body, brain and nervous system is totally dependent on water!

Secret #3: Your immune system is 100% dependent on water. When you are dehydrated, your immune system cannot do its job, it cannot function.

My personal experiences and the findings of leading doctors indicate: the main cause of immune system suppression is chronic dehydration.

Secret #4: If you fully and wisely hydrate you can heal yourself!

Secret #5: I cured myself and so can you!

The Good news: The cost per day is pennies!

" You are not sick. You are thirsty. "

A True Medical Genius

Water Cure

World-renowned thirst researcher Dr. Batmanghelidj devoted 25 years of his professional life to researching the long term effects of dehydration. "Dr. B" as we called him proved that "most diseases are caused by chronic unintentional dehydration".

The internationally acclaimed medical researcher affirmed:

  • Our thirst perception gradually disappears after the age of 20.

  • We cannot rely on our thirst perception to tell us when our bodies need water.

  • For millions of people the impulse to drink has been replaced by the impulse to eat. Hence the obesity epidemic that is spreading around the world.

Did You Know ?

Most people who have toe nail fungus have other illnesses as well.

What does this tell us? It tells us that an underlying condition is suppressing the immune system.

Toe Nail Fungus Cured !
- one of the natural cures for toenail fungus -

A war veteran got on the Water Cure program that was right for him and happily reported three benefits: 1) It helped with his prostate problem. 2) It totally cured his sleep disorder. And, 3) he attests: “the fungus that I’ve had under my toe nails since the Korean War is gone!”

As the owner of Natural Cures For You, please let me share my own true story of one of the natural fungus remedies ...

I too had a fungus infection. It wasn't toenail fungus; it was skin fungus. It covered my shoulders and chest for more than 40 years. I applied various ointments and solutions to my skin, but the fungus (tinia versicolor) persisted decade after decade.

I used to jokingly say to my friends, "I am the proud host to an entire colony of funguses!" (or should I say 'fungi' ?)

The Aloha Spirit is Inspirational

Water Cure

When I was in Hawaii studying Water Medicine, I got rid of that skin fungus disease in just five days. (For your information: I share that simple technique of Water Medicine and several other techniques in my new book.)

Back to the connection between dehydration and toenail fungus: To learn how dehydration suppresses your immune system and how the Water Cure is the best of the natural cures for toenail fungus, explore this web site.

The information on this site is free.

To understand how chronic dehydration results in many different diseases, I suggest that you read two of my articles: Natural Cures for Breast Cancer (and other cancers) and Natural High Blood Pressure Cures. Just click on “Cancer” or “Blood Pressure” in the navigation bar to the left.

These articles are simply written; they are devoid of medical jargon. I believe that you'll find them easy to understand. They explain how most “diseases” are not “diseases” at all. The so-called "diseases" are sophisticated signs that your body needs water.

The Source of all Life

Water Cure

Did You Know ?

  • Chronic dehydration affects each of us differently.

  • Some of us will be afflicted with toenail fungus.

  • Others will come down with any number of ailments including so-called “incurable diseases.”

In hospitals around the world most adults who are rushed into emergency are given IV solutions of saline. Why? Because most of us are dehydrated and don’t know it.

The good news: When you fully and wisely hydrate you will “power up” your immune system so you can eliminate your toenail fungus.

With your immunity "boosted" you can eliminate other ailments as well.

Additionally you can prevent most diseases ... even the common cold !

Question: “I understand that my underlying problem is dehydration, which suppresses my immune system. But I still need to know: How much water should I drink? What kind of water? And how often?

Question: "You have referred to various water cure programs. How many Water Cures are there?"

Question: “Is it true that some bottled waters are bad for your health? Is it true that I need to increase my salt intake? If so, what kind of salt?” ...

Answers: The amount of water that is required varies from person to person. To answer the above questions and cover the most important facts would take an entire book. In fact it would take a very well-researched and professionally written book. This brings us to ...

The Sunrise Water Cure ... Choose the program that’s right for you !

" My Seven Year Labour of Love "

Water Cure

Over the years I have studied hydration medicine in-depth, or more commonly, the Water Cure. In the process I have experienced and validated Water Cures from various cultures around the world. I have also collaborated with health professionals, senior nurses, naturopathic physicians and medical doctors.

With you the reader in mind, I have simplified and summarized all the Water Cures and made them easy for you to understand in my 103 page masterpiece: The Sunrise Water Cure .

Please Note: I’m not asking you to blindly believe what I have just shared with you. All I’m asking is that you give it a fair try.

Experience the healing powers of water for yourself. Experience the many ways it helps you. Then you’ll believe it !

The knowledge in the The Sunrise Water Cure can save your life !

We Honour the Vital Importance of Water in All Healing

Water Cure

A Universal Symbol
of Good Medicine

Water Cure

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