High Blood Pressure Cures

that can save your life !

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Do you have high blood pressure?

Do your loved ones have
this life-threatening ailment?

Did You Know ?

  • High blood pressure (hypertension) is an epidemic.
  • The 3 major causes are: Wrong Diet. Stress. Dehydration.
  • Long term effects: Heart Attacks. Strokes. Kidney Failure.

The Good News

You can cure high blood pressure naturally !

The cure is in your kitchen and in Nature !


Please Note: It is completely normal for your blood pressure to fluctuate in any 24-hour period. However, a slow rise in blood pressure over many years can be dangerous because it goes undetected.

That’s why it’s called the silent killer.

The following are danger signals: Nosebleeds. Flushed Cheeks. Headaches. Sudden Dizziness. Fatigue.

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Psycho-somatic causes: Stress. Anxiety. Anger. Emotional Upheavals.

Wrong diet: Years of consuming red meats, animal fats, hardened vegetable fats (margarine, shortening), refined vegetable oils.

Dehydration: Most of the fluids that we drink nowadays are diuretics, which cause dehydration.

"Dehydration causes hypertension and many other diseases."
Dr. Batmanghelidj, author of "Your Body's Many Cries for Water."

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Natural Remedies

The following will lower your blood pressure,
increase your energy, and make you feel good:

Lifestyle Changes: Exercise regularly. Fix your diet. Learn to relax.

Physical Therapies: Meditation. Massage. Yoga. Walking in Nature.

Hydration! Drink plenty of water every day. Make sure the water you drink is free of microscopic toxins because they'll accumulate in your tissues (micro-toxins cause cancer and other disorders).

Do not drink acidic water because your tissues will become acidic (acidosis is the breeding ground for disease). Drink only healthy, alkaline (non-acidic) water!

The Greatest Healers

Mother Nature and Healthy Water

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Water Cure

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Diet & Nutrition

Fruits & Vegetables: To cure hypertension (and most other diseases) the best diet is one that has 80% fruits and vegetables.

For Protein: Rely on soy beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains (instead of animal meats). Potassium lowers blood pressure, so eat apples, bananas, and asparagus on a regular basis.

Natural Medicines & Supplements: The following will lower blood pressure: Vitamin C (with bioflavonoids), Evening Primrose Oil, and tiny doses of Zinc and Copper. Also helpful are Calcium, Magnesium, Coenzyme Q10, and Garlic.

One Of The Best Natural Medicines

Water Cure

A saying from my great uncle Johnny ...

" An apple a day keeps the doctor away ... but
eating garlic keeps everybody away ! "

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Physical Therapies

The following will help reduce high blood pressure:

Massage. Acupressure. Reflexology.

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Acupressure - a Time Honored Remedy

Photos via Wikimedia Commons

Water Cure

Did You Know ?

Your blood is 94% water !

When your vital organs are deprived of
water they pull the water they need from your blood.

Your blood volume shrinks according to
your level of dehydration.

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Dehydration and High Blood Pressure

a deeper insight

Dehydration pulls water from your blood ... your vascular bed shrinks ... vasopressin then pumps up your blood pressure (increases hypertension) so your blood can reach into all areas of your vital organs and do its job which is ...

Nourishing. Cleansing. Empowering the trillions of cells that keep your vital organs—and you—alive!

Conversely-rehydration reverses hypertension. When you fully hydrate, your blood volume increases and comes back to normal. And your blood pressure comes down to normal.

You Can Heal Yourself !

Are You Ready for the Secret?

Please bear with me ... I’ve been down this healing road more than once. I’ve been hospitalized with organ failure. I’ve had high blood pressure. I've been to the edge of death! (I guess I’m a survivor.) And when it comes to healing yourself, here’s what I know for sure ...

Healing is a Holistic Journey

You take one step at a time. You improve your diet (you eat more fresh fruits and vegetables), you exercise (you start walking more), you fully hydrate with healthy water (you cleanse the TRILLIONS of cells in your body). You even clean up your thinking!

These little things add up and you soon realize how GREAT you feel. Your healing happens—naturally. And when you are healed, you love your life and feel grateful every day!

Remember: Self-healing is a holistic (combined) approach. And the most powerful medicine in the mix is ... WATER !

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" Water is Our First Medicine ! "

Treat yourself and your loved ones to the healing powers of . . .

The Sunrise Water Cure !

Water Cure

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