Natural Cures For Bladder Infections

Karie Garnier
Would you like to know the best natural cures for bladder infections?

There are several. But first, let me share this enlightening story ...

While researching natural cures for bladder infections I had a series of discussions with senior nurses and other health professionals.

Our discussions revealed the many ways that dehydration damages your delicate tissues and can ruin your health.

My neighbor Anne, a nurse with decades of experience working in hospitals explained: “The reason that bladder infections are so common in our older patients is because their urine is so heavily concentrated and acidic that it burns the delicate lining in their bladders. Then the burn holes become infected with bacteria.”

She added: “Many of our older patients are chronically dehydrated, and yet, it’s a challenge to get them to drink water. They just don’t realize that they’re thirsty.

That’s why we’re always at their bedsides serving them little dixie cups of water.”

The #1 Rule: In order to cure yourself, remain healthy, and boost your resistance to all infections you must fully hydrate. And please let me emphasize: You must hydrate properly.

Be Forewarned: When your urine is orange or dark yellow it means your urine is very acidic. Orange or dark yellow urine is a signal that acids are burning the tissues inside your body.

The Great News: You can heal yourself! There are 100% Natural Remedies for bladder infections, and many other diseases as well.

Water Cure

The Facts of Life

  • We humans are mostly water.

  • All the vital functions in your body are 100% dependent on water!

  • Dehydration heavily suppresses your immune system.

  • Rehydration “powers up” your immune system so it can function at top capacity and kill infections.

Intravenous drips: Have you ever wondered why millions of sick people in hospitals all over the world receive I.V. solutions of water and salt?

Because we humans are water beings.

In fact we are salt water beings!

Did You Know?

  • Thousands of scientists who have studied the Earth's history affirm: All lifeforms on Earth came from the sea.

  • Inside every human being are two major oceans of water: The first ocean of water is the ocean of water inside your cells; The second ocean is the ocean of water outside your cells.

  • Each of your 100 TRILLION cells is totally dependent on water and natural salt. Yes. Natural salt !

  • From conception to birth, all humans—and all mammals—are nourished in an amniotic, mineral-rich, salt water ocean.

Please note: To keep your vital healing energy (life force or chi) flowing freely between your two inner oceans you need the correct solution of water and salt—natural unrefined sea salt.

Warning: Without the natural mineral salts—especially those called electrolytes—your cells will collapse and die, and you will too.

Medicinal Foods & Natural Remedies
for Bladder Infections

Cranberry Juice: high in Vitamin C, helps heal bladder infections.
Carrot Juice: highly nutritious, helps flush away acidic wastes.
Watermelon: cleanses your kidneys.
Garlic: fights bacteria and helps to strengthen your immunity.

Vitamins C, A and E are helpful (Encyclopedia of Natural Healing).

Herbal Remedies that are helpful include: Horsetail, Camomile Flowers, Uva Ursi, Lemon Balm, Stinging Nettle (leaves and roots) and Rose Hips.

Wild Roses Grow in Abundance

Wild Roses thrive all across North America. They are naturally organic and their hips (bud bases) are high in Vitamin C. The tea made from the hips of this beautifully perfumed creation are a wholesome remedy for bladder infections. However, no remedy will be able to work properly unless you are fully and wisely hydrated.

Water Cure

Reflexology treatments will help you. Fifty-five years ago (when I was only 10) I was terribly sick with kidney failure. The truth is: I almost died. The good news is: my mother gave me reflexology treatments every day and I eventually got better. The key is to stimulate the kidney and bladder reflexes in the soles of your feet.

A lingering question: "Why do some home remedies (vitamins, herbal treatments, reflexology etc) work for some people and apparently not for others?"

My doctor friends (the hydration wizards) will attest:

“The major, underlying cause of most diseases is chronic dehydration.”

The Water Cure

Twice in my life I experienced a profound and total healing by drinking water in a special way. During both of these dramatic events I knew with every part of my being that the Water Cure is what’s missing from our fast-paced lives!

As a result of my deep healing and personal transformation, I feel compelled to share this knowledge with you and all of humanity.

Internationally renowned health expert Sam Biser, founder of The University of Natural Healing calls the Water Cure ...

“ The Greatest Health Discovery in the World ! "

In Summary: There are a handful of Water Cures that originate in different parts of the world. In the past 30 years I have experienced and validated all of them. With your health in mind, I have explained the Water Cures in my comprehensive and simple guide.

To Your Health: May you and your loved ones “drink the wisdom” that you will find in my complete guide to the Water Cure entitled: The Sunrise Water Cure !

" My 103-page Labour of Love "

Water Cure

The Sunrise Water Cure

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