Dry Hair Remedies

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Did You Know ?

  • Millions of men, women, and children have dry or damaged hair.
  • There are many known causes.
  • Women often have this problem during their pregnancies, during menopause, and while taking birth control pills.
  • The good news is: The dry hair remedies on this page will help cure dry and damaged hair naturally.

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Common Symptoms

Fly-away hair. Dull, dry hair. Split ends. Hard to manage hair.


Internal Causes: Dry hair can indicate thyroid problems, metabolic disorders, and nutritional deficiencies. Hormonal imbalances, especially in women, can cause dry hair.

External Causes: Frequent hair washing. Chemicals used to perm, colour or straighten hair. Frequent use of gels, mousse, and hair sprays.

Poor Nutrition: Dry Hair often indicates nutritional deficiencies and dehydration. North Americans who are "overfed and undernourished" often lack the natural enzymes and the hydration that are necessary to carry vital nutrients and oils up through the scalp and into the hair.

Strife: Dry hair is common in malnourished children in drought stricken countries. Political upheavals and wars that force women and children to flee from danger for months or years can lead to malnutrition, exhaustion, acute dehydration, dry hair, hair loss, and loss of life.

Dry Hair Remedies

Do you really want to grow healthy, shiny hair?

Then you MUST eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

You also need foods that are rich in the following nutrients:

Silica: The best sources are: Millet and Rolled Oats.

Sulphur: Eggs are an excellent source of Sulphur and Amino Acids which will help you grow strong hair.

Vitamin A: Most important are Whole Milk and Fish. Plus foods rich in Beta-carotene: Carrots. Yams. Dark Green Leafy Vegetables. Apricots. Blueberries. Cantaloupe

Vitamin B Complex: Excellent sources include: Wheat Germ. White and Green Beans. Whole Grains. Eggs. Fish.

Natural Fatty Acids: Excellent sources are Salmon and Mackerel.

Healthy Natural Oils: Unrefined, cold-pressed oils of nuts and seeds. Especially flax seed oil. Flax seed oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which prevent dry hair. Use these oils daily on your salads.

Herbal Medicines

Stinging Nettle: Cleanses the blood. Supplies your hair with calcium and other minerals that grow beautiful hair.

Horsetail Tea: High in calcium. Strengthens hair and hair follicles.

Natural Treatments for Dry Hair

Make Your Hair Shine! Activate your subaceous glands with this quick fix: Rub the oil of Burdock Root into your dry scalp.

Magic Oil Treatment: Into one cup of olive oil add 1/4 cup of stinging nettle leaves, sage, and horsetail. Bring to a boil. Let sit for two weeks and strain. Rub into your hair and hair tips. Let soak for an hour or, better still, overnight. Your hair will be beautiful, soft and shiny!

Investigate Your Hair: Which nutrients are missing from you hair? See a Naturopathic Physician or Nutritionist and request a Hair Analysis. Then enjoy the healthy foods that are rich with the missing nutrients.

Did You Know ?

  • Natural oils and nutrients give your hair that healthy, shiny look.
  • When you are dehydrated your body cannot deliver the natural oils and nutrients up into your scalp, hence your dry hair.
  • The Secret: to fully benefit from the dry hair remedies described on this page, you should be fully hydrated.

The Best of the Dry Hair Remedies !
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