Natural Cures for Stress

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Karie Garnier

Do you or your loved ones suffer from stress?

Did You Know?

  • Stress can ruin your health !
  • It's the major contributor to the growing epidemics of heart disease and cancer.
  • Today—in our fast-paced, computer-driven world—more people than ever suffer from financial pressures, anxiety, and nervous tension.
  • A major—and almost totally unknown—cause of anxiety and nervous tension is chronic dehydration.
  • The great news is: You can easily dissolve your anxieties and deep-seated tensions. You can cure yourself naturally ! (Hey folks, I'm speaking from experience.)

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" Stress causes dehydration ... and dehydration causes stress. "

Dr. Batmanghelidj, author of "You Are Not Sick. You Are Thirsty."

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Welcome to Natural Cures

  • " I am eager to share with you a number of proven, powerful, natural cures for anxiety and nervous tension.
  • Forty years ago I was meditating regularly and teaching Transcendental Meditation.
  • Today, I still meditate, practice yoga, and follow a water program that is perfect for me. I now share this natural healing knowledge with people all over the world.
  • I hereby attest: The most powerful cure of all (the cure with the quickest and deepest benefits) is the Water Cure.
  • This 100% natural cure will 'wash away your stress' and enable you to cure many other diseases as well ! "

UNESCO-Endorsed Author Karie Garnier,
Owner of Natural Cures For You

Author of The Sunrise Water Cure

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Causes of Stress

Unhealthy Lifestyles: Stress—the insane rush for more money—is breaking up more and more families. Increasing numbers of people rely on drugs to kill headaches and coffee to fight exhaustion.

Relying on drugs to mask our aches and pains makes things worse.

Workaholic Behaviour: Wicked debt loads. The collapsing economy. The rush to work harder. Mounting pressures to pay all the bills. Workaholics are prime candidates for heart attacks.

Anxiety - that gnawing feeling: "No matter how hard I work, I can't get ahead!" Work-related pressures rob millions of their health.

Bad Diet and Chronic Dehydration: Unhealthy diets and fast foods deplete your body of your vital energy reserves.

The Great News: You can heal yourself, wash away deep seated stress, and win a new lease on life ... naturally!

Natural Cures for Stress

Nutrition: Eat foods rich in B Vitamins: whole grains, green vegetables, eggs, lean meats. Nutritional yeast is high in B Vitamins. Lima beans, tomatoes, and salmon help balance the adrenals.

Supplements - the essentials: Vitamin B complex. Vitamin C with bioflavonoids. Calcium. Magnesium. Royal Jelly.


Chamomile Tea is a mild calmative. Skullcap calms the nerves, and also calms your mind. Lemon Balm works well in conjunction with other calmatives.

St. John's Wort & Passion Flower are nerve-calming herbs.

Valerian Root - "God's Valium" calms the nerves, slows a racing heart, calms the mind, promotes a restful sleep.

Physical Therapies

Massage. Meditation. Yoga. Treat yourself to frequent massages. Yoga, the ancient method for physical relaxation and self-healing, will do two things for you: it will relax you, and instead of consuming your energy, yoga releases your energy. The same is true of meditation ...

Meditation - make it a habit: There are many techniques. The easiest is Transcendental Meditation. The benefits are enormous.

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"In heart patients - transcendental meditation reduces by half
the rate of death, heart attack and stroke."

The Vancouver Sun, Tuesday, June 28, 2011


E.F.T. - Emotional Freedom Technique: This amazing breakthrough in psychology and energy dynamics has restored thousands of traumatized African children into happy, healthy, productive human beings.

EFT is Simple and Effective: It has cured thousands of traumatized children. (Tragically, these kids saw their parents butchered and they were raped.) The good news is: EFT is incredibly simple to learn. Numerous psychologists attest: EFT works and works quickly.


Lay down or sit upright in a chair. With your eyes closed, relax . . . let out a sigh . . . then focus on your breathing. Place your awareness on each inhalation and each exhalation.

Then progressively flex and relax your muscles. Start with your feet and ankles (flex and relax). Then your calfs and lower legs (flex and relax). Then your thighs ... all the way up through your abdomen and chest, and up to your face and head. Repeat.

The Water Cure

The Most Powerful Natural Cure of All !

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Based on my dramatic healing experiences with water—and years of collaborations with outstanding nurses and doctors—here's what I know for sure and what I MUST share with you ...

No stress remedy—natural or otherwise—can heal us when we are dehydrated. Unfortunately, most of us are deeply dehydrated and we don't realize it !

In Summary: I wish you the very best on your Healing Journey with a vitally important suggestion: Treat yourself and your loved ones to the profound Healing Knowledge that's waiting for you in ...

The Sunrise Water Cure !

Water Cure

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