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Karie Garnier

Are you looking for prostate cancer
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Did You Know?

  • "Ninety percent of all prostate cancers have dietary links ! "
    - Johns Hopkins University.
  • Effective treatments for cancer can be achieved in your kitchen!
  • You can prevent cancer by changing what you put into your mouth every day !
  • The #1 culprit is our North American highly refined dead food diet!
  • Cancer cells thrive in an acidic body !
  • Consumption of alcohol and red meats produce acidic wastes on which cancer cells thrive !

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" If you have cancer then you MUST change your diet and stop consuming coffee and alcohol. Coffee and alcohol make you acidic. They are no-nos ! " - Medical author F. Batmanghelidj, MD.

The Truth Is

The #1 cause of cancer is diet. A revised diet is part of the cure !

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The Cancer Epidemic: Cancer is a growing epidemic. Fear of cancer is common because it has potentially fatal results; and the disease can be very advanced before any symptoms appear. Many cancers develop after the age of sixty-five. However cancer also appears in youths.

Symptoms (cancer in general): Excessive fatigue. Weight loss. Appetite loss. Anemia. Abnormal bleeding or lumps. Headaches. Numbness. Persistent coughs. Hoarseness. Digestive problems. Moles that bleed.

Note: At the onset of any unusual symptom, see your doctor. Cancers that are detected early are easier to treat. Awareness and prevention are supremely important. It is wise to have annual check-ups.



Cellular Damage and Abnormal Cells: Did you know? Cancer cells were originally healthy cells that were damaged and became genetically flawed.

DNA Repair Codes: In healthy cells any damage is quickly repaired according to the impeccable "repair manual" that is housed in the microscopic DNA inside the cell nucleus. However . . .

When the cell's DNA is damaged (by free radicals, carcinogens, acidity) the once-healthy cell can no longer repair itself. The cell degenerates into a primitive cell that becomes a cancer cell.

Cancer Cells are Primitive and Aggressive: They multiply rapidly with no regard for the surrounding tissues.

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Environment and Diet


Cancers are linked to the consumption of super
refined foods, which overfeed and undernourish the body.

Environmental Toxins such as Radiation. Air pollution.
Chemicals in water. Pesticides in food. High levels of fluoride.
Asbestos. Cadmium. Petro-chemicals
can also encourage cancer.

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"Diets low in fiber, fruits and vegetables but high in saturated fats, and meats provide an environment conducive to cancer growth."

- The Encyclopedia of Natural Healing -

Other Dietary Causes: Food additives. Rancid food. Rancid oils. Pesticides. Barbecued meats. Smoked meats.

Junk Foods: Highly refined carbs (white sugars, white flower etc) enable pathogenic fungi, bacteria and other parasites to thrive in the blood. These parasites produce highly acidic wastes. Infestations of these diet-induced parasites and their acidic wastes are associated with cancer.

Dehydration Causes Acidity
and Acidity Encourages Cancer

Healthy Alkaline Cells versus Acidic Cancer Cells: When your healthy cells are properly hydrated, they are 70% to 80% filled with water and they are alkaline! When healthy cells become dehydrated, they become acidic.

Acids trapped inside your dehydrated cells burn the nucleus and the DNA. Cells with DNA damage are unable to repair themselves. At this point the damaged cells degenerate. They become cancerous and aggressive.

Receptor Down Regulation

Did You Know? Trillions of your healthy cells communicate continuously with the surrounding cells through receptor dishes that cover your cell membranes. (Think of satellite dishes or communications dishes).

Millions of Receptor Dishes are perched on the outside wall of the cell's membrane. When the ocean of water outside the cell becomes acidic (due to chronic dehydration) the acids burn off the delicate communication dishes.

The communication breakdown is called "receptor down regulation". When damaged cells are unable to communicate with the cells in the surrounding tissues, they become "angry and aggressive". This is how damaged cells become primitive and cancerous.

Acidity and Cancer of the Prostate !

Did You Know? The prostate gland is made of proteins that feed on acids in the urine.

Did You Know? As we grow older, we become more dehydrated because we tend to lose our thirst impulse.

Chronic dehydration makes our urine concentrated and very acidic: In middle aged and older men the prostate gland feeds on the extra acids in the urine with twofold results: 1) The gland dramatically enlarges (benign enlargement of the prostate); and 2) The extra acidity encourages cancer cells to grow in the over-acidic gland.

Natural Cures for Prostate Cancer
- and other cancers -

Nutrition: Limit or eliminate animal products—especially red meats. At the same time eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are alkili-forming, whereas ...

The following foods are acid-forming: Animal proteins. Animal fats. Trans fatty acids. Refined oils. Margarine. Shortening. Hydrogenated fats. Refined carbohydrates. Processed foods.

To help cure—and prevent—prostate cancer eat raw, zinc-rich pumpkins seeds every day.

Supplements: Vitamin A. Vitamin B complex. Vitamin C with bioflavonoids. Vitamin E with tocopherols. Selenium. Aloe vera juice. Evening primrose oil.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure."

Do you know How to Avoid Prostate Cancer? The comprehensive web site - Cancer Aware - provides an in-depth look at multiple forms of cancer, including natural remedies and sage advice on how to prevent prostate cancer.

Herbal Medicines


Goldenseal (helps eliminate toxins). Echinacea (enhances immunity and detoxifies your lymphatic glands). Yarrow (detoxifies bone marrow and purifies your blood). Ginseng (boosts your immunity). Burdock Root, Slippery Elm, and Turkish Rhubarb (combined as a tea can trigger life-changing results).

Physical Remedies: Anything that will help you relax and dissolve stress: Massage. Yoga. Meditation. Saunas. Sweat baths. Hot baths (rub your body to help release toxins). Lots of walking and inhaling will flood the cancer cells with oxygen.

Did You Know?

  • Cancer cells thrive in a low oxygen environment.
  • Cancer cells are diminished in an oxygen-rich environment.
  • All kinds of people have cured their own cancers including "incurable cancer" by drinking water in a special way!

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