Natural Cures for Athletes Foot

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Karie Garnier

Do you or your loved ones
suffer from athletes foot ?

Did You Know ?

  • Athletes foot is contagious.
  • People with weakened immune systems are most susceptible.
  • The fungus is picked up in public pools, public showers, wet floors, locker rooms, and spas.
  • The good news: The 100% natural remedies on this page will help cure this somewhat persistent skin fungus.

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Small blisters that burn and itch. White patches of skin that peel off. Athletes foot thrives on dead skin and is known to be stubborn. The fungus grows between the toes, around the nails, and on the sole.


Weakened Immunity: People with a strong immune system will not catch this or any other kind of skin fungus.

Susceptibility: People on antibiotics are more susceptible to this stubborn fungal infection. Antibiotics disrupt your healthy intestinal flora which can weaken your skin's healing powers.

Synthetics: Shoes, boots, roller skates etc made from synthetic materials make your feet sweat. Dark sweaty environments and poor air circulation encourage athlete's foot and other fungi to thrive.

Nutritional Remedies

Enhance Your Diet: Boost your immune system. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals. The best are: Whole grains. Raw Fruits. Fresh Vegetables. You can strengthen your intestinal flora by eating Natural (unsweetened) Yogurt.

God's Fungus Medicine: Get garlic into your system. Garlic is a natural fungicide. Likewise, raw sauerkraut inhibits the spread of skin fungus.


Vitamins and Minerals: The best are: Vitamins A, B complex, and C. Also Zinc and Garlic!

Herbal Medicines: Horsetail Tea (you can also add drops to a foot bath). Goldenseal (powder your feet with a mix of goldenseal and arrowroot powder). Black Walnut or Thyme Extract rubbed into infected areas will help destroy athletes foot.

Tissue Salts: The best three are: Kali sulph. Silicea. Calc sulph.

External Treatments

Athletes foot and most other fungi thrive in damp conditions. After bathing or showering, dry your feet thoroughly—especially between your toes.

Avoid Reinfecting: Dry your feet with a hair dyer. Or use a clean fresh towel. Do not wear socks or shoes made from synthetic materials. Wear a pair of socks once then wash them separately and dry thoroughly. Wash your tub and floor area daily with Tea Tree Oil (5 drops per quart of water).

Natural Foot Powders: Damp conditions encourage fungus growth. To absorb moisture, sprinkle your feet and the area between your toes with baking soda. When possible walk barefoot on natural (non-synthetic) surfaces.

Comprehensive Care for Your Nails and Feet

Do you think athletes foot, toenail fungus, and other foot fungi are related? And is there a natural cure for all these ailments? For a comprehensive understanding of foot and nail infections, proven natural remedies, and even "how to read your nails" visit the Nail Care Center.

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