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Natural Cures for ADD
'Attention Deficit Disorder'

also called 'Nature Deficit Disorder'

Karie Garnier

" Are you looking for ADD Natural Remedies ?

" Would you like to know the best Natural Cures for ADD ?

" Do you, or does your child, suffer from ADD or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) ?

" Did you know that ADD and ADHD are also known as NDD or Nature Deficit Disorder ?

"If you or your child has ADD, then this site is for you! "

Did You Know?

  • ADD and ADHD affect millions of families every year.

  • ADD and ADHD are spreading through our fast-paced, post-modern, computer-driven world.

Primary Symptoms of ADD / ADHD / NDD

Hyperactivity. Impulsiveness. Difficulty concentrating.

Secondary Symptoms

Squirming and fidgeting. Impatience. Urge to pace back and forth. Difficulty listening to what’s being said. Difficulty playing or interacting with others. Talking too much. Can’t remain quiet. Creating messes. Easily distracted. Constantly interrupting, etc.

ADD Natural Remedies, Cures and Treatments

Diet, nutrition, and vitamins play an important role in alleviating ADD.

Poor nutrition (including caffeinated drinks) and inadequate sleep cause hyperactivity in children and make it difficult for them to concentrate.

ADD Natural Remedies include Vitamins A and E. These essential vitamins help children to focus in school and helps improve their eyesight.

Fish oil capsules are often prescribed to children along with medication.

Fish oil and cod liver oil are rich in Vitamin A and E.

Healthy, Time-Honored, ADD Natural Remedies

Natural Medicines like these are found in village markets around the world. Notice the nerve-calming "Valerian" on the left, and the calming herb "Tilia Blanca" on the right.

Water Cure

The following ADD Natural Remedies are readily available in most health food stores:

Chamomile: Gently soothes nerves and enhances relaxation.

Ginkgo: Improves brain circulation, mental acuity, concentration and memory. (Rich in triterpenoids which decrease anxiety.)

Ginseng: Improves concentration, ability to handle stress, lowers anxiety.

Gotu Kola: Improves brain circulation, memory, and mental abilities.

Red Jujube: Eases restlessness, promotes a better sleep.

Skullcap: Mild sedative. Calms the nerves, and your mind.

Valerian: Calms the nerves, slows a racing heart, calms the mind, promotes a restful sleep.

Have you ever wondered about this? ...

We’ve thrived on Mother Earth for thousands of years. So why has ADD manifested only recently in our families and in countless communities around the globe?

As the author of Our Elders Speak - A Tribute To Native Elders, I hereby attest that indigenous Elders have much to teach the world.

Indigenous elders the world over continue to speak of our vital connection with Mother Earth. According to aboriginal prophecies: Rediscovering our place in Nature is a major lesson that millions of us still must learn.

For tens of thousands of years—if not millions of years—all humans were hunters and gatherers. We thrived in Nature.

Indigenous people continue to remind us: “ We are The Earth ! ”

Some indigenous people still live in—and commune with—Mother Earth.

Sadly, that natural way of living has almost vanished. Today millions of us suffer from ...

Nature Deficit Disorder

The author of “Last Child in the Woods” explains ...

“Our kids are doing what we’ve told them to do when they sit in front of the TV all day, or in front of that computer game all day.

“Society is telling our kids unconsciously that Nature’s in the past ... it really doesn’t count anymore ... the future is in electronics ... and besides ... the bogeyman is in the woods!

“Biologically we are still hunters and gatherers and we need direct involvement in Nature. We need to see natural shapes in the horizon. And when we don’t get that, we don’t do so well.”

- From Richard Louv's interview on National Public Radio.

Children raised in healthy, natural environments do not get NDD or Attention Deficit Disorder. They are happy, harmonious & helpful.

ADD Natural Remedies are not needed by children who are raised in Natural Environments.

Did You Know?

  • ADD Natural Remedies are not needed by children who grow up in pristine, natural environments.

  • In many parts of the "undeveloped world" they have never heard of ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder.

  • For example: ADD is not found in Amazonian children. During my photographic expedition through the Amazon with a Peruvian doctor, I learned that chronic fatigue and ADD are unknown in these parts of the world.

  • No junk food in the jungle! "The wild fruits and vegetables and natural nuts and fish that our Amazonian children eat everyday are totally organic." - Dr. Jose Cabinillas

  • My photos from the Amazon show that the Quechua children are exceptionally healthy. They work alongside their parents. They gather wild foods. They catch fish in the myriad of tributaries, and make nutritious meals for the whole family.

I observed: “Most Amazonian children have beautiful teeth, lustrous skin, and deep brown eyes that sparkle and dance.”

When treating NDD please remember ...

" Mother Nature is our best healer. "

The Okanagan healer Napoleon Kruger

Water Cure

“ Through ceremonies, we help ourselves,
help people, help Nature. ”

The Water Cure


All living things are 70% to 90% water !

Most of us humans are chronically dehydrated.

“Contemporary medicine erroneously believes that for
every disease there is a drug.”
- Dr. Lorraine Day

Note: Dr. Day cured her “incurable cancer” by drinking water!

You Too Can Heal Yourself !

To heal, we MUST drink healthy water everyday. Not coffees, colas, artificially flavored drinks, beers, wines, and hard liquors!

Likewise, our children must drink healthy water. Everyday!
Otherwise they cannot grow into healthy adults.

When choosing ADD Natural Remedies, remember ...

" Water is our first medicine! "

- Personal Testimony -

" Thirty years ago when I was deathly sick and dying from multiple illnesses, I cured myself by drinking Water in a special way."

- The #1 Secret for all Natural Healing -

" Whether we suffer from ADD, diabetes or cancer, besides taking natural remedies, we MUST fully & wisely hydrate. Everyday ! "

Cheers to your Health & Happiness !

I am delighted to share with you my labour of love entitled:

The Sunrise Water Cure !

Water Cure

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