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This shot gives the main message instantly. To clear up any kind of acne, you must

DO YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONES suffer from cystic acne, common acne, or other skin diseases?

Do you know that millions of teenagers—and adults—suffer from these unsightly diseases?

The embarrassing appearance makes many sufferers withdraw and avoid being seen.

If you suffer from cystic acne or any skin disease then this site is for you!

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The above photo was taken during my Water Seminar in Honolulu. When my daughter saw this photo she groaned: "Dad, this shot makes you look goofy!" But a friend who took in the seminar insisted ...

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Welcome to the site for Natural Cures

Did You Know? Drinking water in a special way can flush away acne and other skin diseases.

There's a bit more to it than that of course. Natural supplements and other treatments can definitely help, and we'll go over those in a moment.

Please bear with me: I am eager to share what worked for me with my acne, what has worked for countless others, and what I know can work for you too ! - Karie Garnier

Is Your Plumbing Clogged?

The Underlying Cause of Acne and Most other Skin Disease

Did You Know? Skin diseases—including acne—are the result of chronic congestion in your gastro-intestinal tract.

Did You Know? People who suffer from acne and other skin diseases are often constipated.

Have You Ever Wondered?

When your "pipes are plugged" what happens to your bodily poisons and your toxic wastes?

The Answer is acne! When your pipes are plugged, your primary cleansing organ—your liver—becomes sluggish.

When your liver is sluggish how does your body get rid of its daily (and eventually deadly) load of toxins? The answer is: your skin is assigned the ominous task of eliminating your bodily poisons. And the task goes on, everyday, non-stop, 24 hours a day !

Acne is a sign that your precious, life-giving, liver is overloaded, and your pipes need to be flushed. (Forgive the analogy but think of a "plugged toilet". Think of how it backs up and needs to be flushed!)

Acne Insights

Three Stages of Acne: Stage 1 - Mild Acne (blackheads) develop into Stage 2 - Severe Acne (red pimples) and eventually become Stage 3 - Cystic Acne. The cysts leave permanent pits in the skin.

Science Simplified: Acne develops when a thick, greasy, oil called "sebum" slowly oozes up from beneath your skin and gathers in your pores. The sebum continues to build up and eventually totally plugs the pores. The pores continue to swell and become infected. They turn red and become oozing pustules.

Caution: Acne pimples and pustules carry infectious bacteria. Scratching or squeezing the pustules will cause the acne to spread.

Remember ...

When your overloaded liver can no longer eliminate the continuous build up of toxins, these toxins and poisons can accumulate to deadly levels in your blood stream.

To prevent your body from being fatally poisoned by its own waste, your skin must push the poisons up and out through your pores. The plugged pores (blackheads) gradually become swollen with toxic wastes, the pores become infected, and turn into pustules.

Eliminate The Cause: Several over-the-counter ointments are available to treat the surface problem of common acne and cystic acne. However to eliminate acne at its root cause, we must thoroughly FLUSH the intestines, cleanse the colon, and lift the burden off the liver.

Flush The Pipes! I hereby attest: The most powerful—and quickest—way to flush your entire gastro-intestinal tract is with the Water Cure.

Herbal Remedies, Vitamins,
Natural Cleansing Treatments

Nutritional Supplements: Vitamins A, B, C and E and minerals Chromium, Selenium, Zinc and Evening Primrose Oil are known to reduce the build up of sebum.

Herbal Medicines: Echinacea, Golden Seal, and Tea Tree Oil will help you heal from within. If you want to deepen your healing you can drink Aloe Vera juice (2 ounces, three times daily).

Steam Baths and Facials: Sitting in saunas or steam baths will help cleanse your pores. It is also helpful to steam and sponge your face with teas made from Stinging Nettles, Dandelions, or Chamomile.


You Can Heal Yourself !

You Can Quickly and Easily Empower Your Liver to resume its vital job of eliminating the toxins from your body!

Are You Ready for The Greatest Health Secret in the World ! Are you ready for a totally natural method of self-healing that cleanses every cell in your body?

The Water Cure

Based on my dramatic healing experiences with water—and years of collaborations with my doctor friends—here's what I know for sure and what I absolutely MUST share with you ...

No remedy—natural or otherwise—can heal us when we are dehydrated. Unfortunately, most of us are chronically dehydrated and we don't realize it !

In Summary: I wish you the best on your Healing Journey with an important suggestion: Treat yourself and your loved ones to the Best of Health with the Healing Knowledge that's waiting for you in ...

The Sunrise Water Cure !

Water Cure

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