Revelations from the innovator
and author of the Sunrise Water Cure

Karie Garnier
The Sunrise Water Cure is the culmination of a lifetime journey ...

In the 1970s I was inspired by The Beatles and the Quest that called them on their spiritual journey to India. I believed, just as The Beatles believed, that if enough of us experienced bliss consciousness twice a day, we could co-create a World of Peace.

With that goal in mind, I was personally trained by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. After several years of meditation and yoga I taught TM (transcendental meditation) for The International Meditation Society.

Humanitarian Work

Fuga - The Mysterious Island at the Edge of the World

Water Cure

Heeding the call to "make this world a better place for the poor and the oppressed", from 1996 to the present I led multiple medical and filming expeditions to Fuga Island in the northern tip of the Philippines.

Half of the children die before the age of five.

Documentary Films

Water Cure

"The Silent Natives of Fuga" - I made a 46-minute film and presented it in several countries. The heart-stirring exposé reveals how the 2,000 Ilocano natives were brutally oppressed. Forty of them had been killed (for breaking the developer's rules). The abusers were the private guards hired by the would-be developers. Consequently, for decades the stricken Fuga families (who happen to be my relatives) suffered from extreme poverty, isolation, illiteracy, and malnutrition. Child mortality was a staggering 50% !

The natives suffer from illiteracy, poverty, and malnutrition.

Water Cure

In order to bring international aid to the 2,000 Ilocanos I founded the humanitarian group Friends of Fuga. For 15 years we have sponsored the education of Fuga's brightest native children. In the process we have broken the cycle of poverty and illiteracy. And, we recently celebrated our first university graduates!

Meeting the Philippine President Gloria Arroyo

The author of 'The Sunrise Water Cure' gives President Arroyo his historic book, Our Elders Speak - A Tribute To Native Elders

Water Cure

In 2002 I led an international delegation to meet with the President of the Philippines. Our face to face meeting with President Gloria Arroyo changed everything. After showing my film at a series of presidential conferences in and around Manila, the Office Of The President produced a multi-page historic document promising land titles to all the Fuga families.

Persistence pays. We made history!

Like Dr. David Suzuki, I am an advocate for indigenous people. Through my films, photo shows, books, and new media, for the past 30 years I publicly honoured the healthy, time-tested, Nature-based wisdom of Aboriginal People. Likewise, I have actively supported the human rights of the poor.

To promote cross-cultural harmony at a global level I presented successful proposals to The United Nations, The UN Association, and UNESCO.

A Family of Healers

I first experienced natural cures when I was a child.
Little did I know that my childhood healing with natural cures would "open my life up" to the wisdom and miracle of The Sunrise Water Cure.

When I was a boy of ten I kept getting sick. I lived on a farm in Surrey, British Columbia with my mom and dad and my two older sisters. On our six acres we raised chickens and turkeys, we had a few pigs, a brown horse named 'Pedro', and a cow named 'Betsy'.

I missed most of grade five because I kept getting the flu. At least that's what we thought. But the flu kept coming back and nearly killed me. As it turned out it was not the flu.

When I was too weak to walk, my mom carried me into the local clinic. On that particular day I couldn't see. Everything was a blur. Then, while Dr. de Rooy examined me, I brought up my lunch on the floor. The doctor told my mom, "You have a very sick boy here". He took her aside and warned her, "Your son is going blind. He's dying from kidney failure."

I was rushed into Emergency at the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster. Tests confirmed that my kidneys had stopped working. (Other kids who had this disease had already died.)

Surgeons immediately wanted to cut out my infected kidney, but that wasn't going to happen. My parents stopped them from doing the surgery. Bring on the natural cures!

Reverence for Nature

"The basis of The Sunrise Water Cure"

Beauty is found everywhere in Mother Nature, all the way down to her finest details. We humans are Nature too. We are a unique and beautiful mix of Water and Earth.

Water Cure

Both of my parents taught me to respect Nature. They knew a lot about natural cures. My father "Mackie" (born 1913) was a tall, curly-haired, blue-eyed, genius and an advocate for Natural Medicine. My mom was a brown-eyed country girl. Born in 1918 on a farm in Stavely, Alberta. Her name was "Fern". She loved horses and she loved Nature with her whole heart.

My mom was a wonderful healer. And so was her father, my Grampa Streich. I adored my Grampa Streich and he was my neighbour!

Grampa was born in Enid, Oklahoma near the Cherokee strip. He had a grade five education, but as a man of the Earth, he was a wizard of natural cures. He was also a brilliant blacksmith, he played the banjo, he owned a pair of Clydesdales, and he healed horses with natural medicine.

Rolling Thunder - a Great Healer and Friend

The inspiration for "The Sunrise Water Cure"

Rolling Thunder holds his wild Golden Eagle which he tamed in less than two minutes (photo by Karie Garnier).

Water Cure

Rolling Thunder was a great herbalist. He personally knew—and used—more than 1,000 natural herbs. As a medicine man, he played a major role in my physical and spiritual healing. He was also a tireless activist, he was totally intuitive, and a very wise friend.

The most amazing human I ever met: For 15 years Rolling Thunder was an advisor for my historic work with Indigenous Elders and my work on Fuga Island. This was my "heart work" and I attribute much of the success to him. I was truly blessed to have his guidance and support.

"RT" as we called him, devoted his life to protecting our Mother Earth and all living things. In this regard the man was fearless.

He was "in this world but not of it." The great visionary and mystic was able to "call down thunder and lightning". Just ask me because I was there. It was an experience I'll never forget !

Rolling Thunder received his spiritual powers through his profound respect and genuine love for Mother Earth.

It was uncanny how the Cherokee healer looked like my Grandfather. Rolling Thunder was my favourite teacher in the whole world. In 1989, when I was visiting RT on his land in the Nevada Desert, I watched him tame the wild eagle that he is holding in the above photo.

After taming the Golden Eagle, Rolling Thunder turned to me, he gently handed me the great bird, and said, "Okay Karie, you can hold him too. After this he'll be tamer than a chicken."

Kidney Failure - " it felt like an eternity "

( at the age of 10 )

Back to my childhood and the kidney disease: During the year that I was so sick I spent 33 endless days and nights in that stuffy hospital. Every hour that I was in there, I just wanted to go home. I wanted to walk across our beautiful acres, feed my bantam chickens, collect their eggs, sell them to my neighbour for '20 cents a dozen', visit my beloved Grandpa Streich and cuddle with my black and white mongrel "Laddie".

My parents eventually brought me home. A couple weeks later my dad drove me in to Vancouver to see a Naturopathic Physician.

As a doctor of natural medicine Dr. Loffler totally overhauled my diet. (However I can remember: as a boy of ten I hated my new diet. Why? Because I was not allowed to have ice cream!)

Curiously, I never followed the diet and I got better. I believe that it was my mom who cured me. The medicine was her rich mix of motherly love and daily doses of Reflexology. My mom was one of Canada's first Reflexologists and she was certified.

My mom's foot treatments really helped. By stimulating the reflexes in the soles of my feet, my kidneys fully recovered. However, at this point (1957) nobody in my family, and none of my doctors, had ever heard of any "Water Cure".

I thrived through my teen years and twenties and was healthy until I reached my early 30s. Then … the bottom fell out of my world.

" I was Bedridden, Bone Thin, and Dying "

How I discovered The Sunrise Water Cure

When I was 33, instead of enjoying the prime of health, I suffered from multiple illnesses. I was skin and bones. I was in pain. I was exhausted, and I was dying.

While resting, my heart pounded at 200 beats a minute! In an effort to find a cure, month after month, I underwent numerous tests.

Desperate to stay alive, I tried a wide range of western medicines. I even "went under the needles" and tried acupuncture. And yet, nothing changed. My heart still raced uncontrollably. My doctor warned me: “It’s sad to see a young man like you in this condition, because your heart will not last.”

My mysterious heart disorder (supra ventricular tachycardia) evaded diagnosis and was compounded by a second disease: severe hypo-glycemia. I had no clue, and neither did my doctors, that my bone-thin body was almost totally devoid of blood sugar.

The Search for Natural Cures

Over a two year period I tried various kinds of "natural remedies" but none of them cured me. Can you guess why? Because I didn't know the #1 Secret of Mother Nature. The good news is: I am about to share with you the amazing Secret that is aptly called: The Sunrise Water Cure.
Water Cure

For two long years I dragged myself from doctor’s appointment, to doctor’s appointment. I went to all kinds of doctors: MDs, GPs, NDs, and herbalists. I even went to hypnotists. But none of the treatments worked. I eventually acquired a third illness—depression. After consulting seven doctors I had a suitcase full of pills.

I took mega-vitamins, glandular pills, herbal remedies, Dr. Schüssler's Tissue Salts, naturopathic medicine, prescription drugs, and anti-depressants, hoping "the medicines" would cure me. But they did not cure me. The fact is: I was getting worse.

At this point in my long healing journey, I must bring to your attention a critically important truth: Out of the seven different doctors that I had seen, including medical doctors, family physicians, specialists, and even naturopathic doctors, not one of those doctors ever asked me: "Karie, how much water do you drink every day?"

I became allergic to my favourite foods. I loved almonds. But now, if I ate them I went into spasms and convulsed like I had been poisoned. I loved eggs, but they suddenly made me nauseous. Any food that I managed to keep down, took days to pass through my digestive tract (without being digested).

On top of this, my hair was falling out, and I ached from head to toe. (I later learned that the aching in my muscles was from the build-up of lactic acids.)

In my debilitated state, I was so weak, I could hardly walk. The ordeal of getting out of bed, slowly getting up onto my feet, and shuffling my way down the hallway to the bathroom took enormous effort. When somebody spoke to me and asked a question, I could not speak. I just didn't have the energy.

The Crazy Dreams: At this lowest point in my health crisis, when I was nearing death's door, I kept having "crazy dreams". The dreams just didn't make any sense. Most of these dreams were about water. I dreamed of beautiful clear streams of fresh water meandering through green fields, I dreamed that I was being "pushed into a big body of water" etc, etc. I only now understand what these "water dreams" were. They were my body's efforts to tell me: "I need water!"

The good news is: Although I was on the brink of death, I was also on the brink of the greatest discovery. It's called The Sunrise Water Cure !

Water is Life Itself !

Water Cure

Searching Within

The far-seeing sage - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Water Cure

It was painful but obvious: if I wanted to live—and I definitely did—I would have to look far beyond conventional medicine for a cure. With nowhere else to turn, I turned inward, I reviewed my life and "went inside". In other words, I transcended.

My mind drifted back to 1972 and my TM teacher training program on the Spanish island of Majorca. From my hotel room I could see the Mediterranean Sea, the turquoise waters, the waves rising up and washing over the sands.

While on Majorca I was trained to teach Transcendental Meditation. Every day for five months I listened to the white-robed Maharishi describe the human state called cosmic consciousness. Under the tutelage of the Himalayan sage, everyday I enjoyed many hours of meditation, hatha yoga, and the fragrance of sandalwood wafting through the air.

In the Presence of Nobel Prize Winners

exploring the frontiers of thought

We studied Vedic Teachings and listened to enlightened scientists

Water Cure

Everyday I assembled with 600 bright-eyed meditators in the great hall of the Hotel Playa del Moro. We came from around the world, and everyday we listened carefully to the world’s brightest minds. Like a medieval scribe, month after month, I sat there writing and writing. I filled numerous journals from cover to cover. I thus recorded verbatim the awe-inspiring discussions between Maharishi and the Nobel Prize Winners who came from around the globe to speak with us and share their illuminations.

From my sick bed in White Rock I recalled the Maharishi's words: “We human beings are expressions of a Divine Being.”

As I drifted inward I sent out a silent plea: "Great Spirit, you know that I’m dying. I’m on my way out. I don’t know what I need. The doctors don’t even know what I need. Only you know what I need. Whatever it is—I beg you—deliver it to me within two days or I'll be gone."

Manifesting the Miracle

The birth of my vision for "The Sunrise Water Cure"

The next day a friend gave me a book to read on the Japanese Water Cure. I will never, ever forget that little book. Would you like to know why? That book totally changed my life!

My healing experiences with this age-old Water Cure inspired me to: create this web site and write a book.

Eureka !

The Revelation ... Mother Nature's Secret !

" I experienced the Healing Power of Water - the Power of Chi ! "

Fifteen minutes into my Sunrise Water Cure Ceremony (after drinking two thirds of my Special Water) I feel great energy flowing through my body. I feel totally revitalized and free in all my movements! I am filled with healing energy—and gratitude—for Nature’s Miracle Medicine.

As the sun rises, I have a powerful revelation:

" I'm going to share this healing wisdom with the world !

I hereby dedicate The Sunrise Water Cure to the millions of people around the world who suffer from all kinds of "incurable diseases" and pains that are in fact caused by chronic dehydration in the body. I offer my timely testament about Nature’s Miracle Medicine to all of us water beings.

Yes, water beings because we humans are mostly water !

The Sunrise Water Cure is Born!

Nature's Miracle Medicine

Water Cure

The Source of all Life

Water Cure

In Summary: At critical times in my life when I was very ill, I cured myself by drinking water in a special way. I subsequently practiced and validated Water Cures from around the world. The Water Cures from India have been used in Vedic medicine for thousands of years. However, I can attest: the most powerful of the Water Cures is The Sunrise Water Cure !

In Gratitude: I have personally experienced the healing powers of the most plentiful (and least understood) substance on the planet. I've been blessed to work with wonderful medical doctors and enlightened physicians who prescribe Water Cures that actually heal their patients.

Did You Know? Since the beginning of time Indigenous Healers have repeatedly told us: " Water is our first medicine ! "

Another Truth is: I cured myself and so can you! You can learn to be your own healer. I am passionate about the The Sunrise Water Cure and I'm delighted to share this life-saving knowledge with you and all of humanity.

May the healing energies of clean, beautiful, life-giving water continue to flow through pristine Nature and into you and your loved ones through the miracle called The Sunrise Water Cure !

Karie's lifework has been endorsed by The UN, The UN Association, and UNESCO.

Water Cure

Karie Garnier is an award-winning filmmaker, a UNESCO-endorsed author, a publisher, and a former columnist for 'The Vancouver Sun'.

  • Karie wrote and published the critically acclaimed coffee table book entitled: Our Elders Speak - A Tribute To Native Elders.

  • He founded and coordinated two not-for-profit organizations.

  • He concieved and coordinated The UN-UNA-UNESCO-Endorsed Native Elders Project. His far-reaching initiative bridged the cultures and moved the UN to declare The International Year of The Older Person.

  • Inspired by his profound healing experience, Karie researched and wrote the life-changing book - The Sunrise Water Cure !

" My 103-page Labour of Love "

Water Cure

The Sunrise Water Cure

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